Health and Safety Consultancy

At Health and Safety at Work NZ we offer a range of health and safety consultancy services, which can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation, whether large or small.

If your current health and safety system is limited, we can assist you to develop a new system that will help you to protect your business and your employees from harm. We can provide customised health and safety induction training specific to the hazards in your workplace.

We can also evaluate your current health and safety practices to see if they meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.


The only way to know if your employees are incorporating good health and safety practices into their everyday work is to check. This is why auditing is an important element of New Zealand’s updated health and safety legislation.

Health and Safety at Work NZ can carry out regular, independent audits at a frequency that suits your business.

Accident Investigation

When accidents occur, it is important to investigate fully the causes of the accident. It is not a matter of assigning blame but a process to find out exactly what happened and why so that you can take action to prevent the same thing (or something worse) from happening again.

It can be difficult, however, for someone from within an organisation to “step back” enough from the incident to carry out an objective investigation. Health and Safety at Work NZ can undertake a thorough, independent investigation of any incident for your business and advise you how to implement measures to reduce the risk of a future accident.