Company aims to breathe life into health and safety

Health and Safety at Work NZ is a new company looking to change the way New Zealand businesses approach health and safety.

Company Director Kelvin Sparks says that many Kiwi businesses still do not have any real health and safety policies in place.

“A lot of businesses have had someone write a health and safety plan for them and then the plan gets buried away in a drawer somewhere and there is no follow-up,” Kelvin says. “With approximately 70 people dying at work in this country each year and one in ten getting seriously injured, we just can’t afford to carry on like this,” he says.

Health and Safety at Work NZ aims to work alongside businesses, both large and small, to help them develop an individualised health and safety system that meets the needs of their specific workplace.

The company’s health and safety and consultancy services include the development of health and safety and environmental management systems; customised safety and induction training; auditing; and accident investigation and reporting.

“The new health and safety legislation which takes effect in April this year makes it clear that health and safety is something that employers and employees need to be constantly thinking and talking about,” Kelvin says.

With a background in the construction sector, as well as experience as a Police Officer and Corrections Officer, Kelvin’s health and safety knowledge has been acquired working across a wide range of industries.

Kelvin has been a health and safety specialist for a number of years and says that what drives him is a desire to share his knowledge and expertise to help keep others safe.

“It might sound a bit corny but I firmly believe that there’s not a lot that’s more important than people going home safe at the end of their working day to their families,” he says.